Latest News

2023.04.21NewsThe Information Center will hold the "Snow Mountain Splendor - Chiu Ching-yao Photography Exhibition" in April, 2023.
2023.03.20NewsThe Aircraft Engineering Department of AFIT cooperates with the National Hu-wei University of Science and Technology, to host an event for the “Drone Industry’ Human Resource and Technology Cultivation Project.”
2023.03.18NewsThe grand opening of the 2023 AFIT’s etiquette demonstration prom “Dream’s Sailing with Cloud.”
2023.02.25NewsThe AFIT attends the 2023 University Fair
2023.02.20News2023 Book Donation Event of the Library and Information Services Center of AFIT
2023.02.04NewsThe 13th Aviation Technology and Flight Safety Conference & 11th Aviation and Society Joint Academic Seminar in 2023.
2023.01.16NewsThe Air Force Institute of Technology held the 2023 Spring Greeting Calligraphy activity today (16th).
2023.01.12NewsLibrary promotion activity of Comic Book Collection--Mini Book Fair
2022.07.21NewsAir Force Institute of Technology 2022/2023 Academic Calendar
2021.07.01NewsAir Force Institute of Technology 2021/2022 Academic Calendar
2020.09.09NewsAir Force Institute of Technology conducts anti-drug lecture: Drug-free campus, you and I are responsible
2020.08.31NewsAir Force Institute of Technology held leadership workshop: " make good use of communication to face leadership problems positively"
2020.08.21NewsDepartment of Military Affairs held Academic Speech at first half of year in 2020
2020.08.21NewsThe "Aviation Camp" Ended Perfectly, and All Students Returned with Full Harvest
2020.08.06NewsBloodline passed down, child emulates a model father to join the military