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Bloodline passed down, child emulates a model father to join the military


Mr. Hsu, Mao-Sung, father of the captain Hsu, Tzu-I, the personnel officer of the Student Command of A.F.I.T, is awarded as Model Father in the air force of this year. Today(Aug. 6th), the congratulatory plaque is presented to the Model Father by the Principal, Major General Song on behalf of the Air Force Commander.

General said, it’s grateful for Mr. Hsu to dedicate during his military life and so does to social service after his retirement. He also spare no effort in the education of his child and let her be willing to join the military.

This event highlights the great sentiment of father with selfless dedication to the family and children. Especially on the eve of Father's Day, express to all fathers in the world for Happy Father's Day.