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Air Force Institute of Technology for Teacher's Day Celebration and Thanksgiving Tea Party


The annual Teacher's Day is arrived. In order to thank every teachers’ hard working and nurturing, AFIT celebrated the Teacher's Day and held Thanksgiving Tea Party by the President General Song and the vice president colonel Zhou yesterday (September 24th). Among the celebration, the school also praised the excellent instructor, teachers, armed force leaders and senior teachers. For the students of AFIT, teachers act like a navigator, guiding everyone to a clear path to absorb knowledge and expose the mystery of professional skills, not only the inspiration of knowledge, but also the work of ethics and military martial arts.

In speech, President said that he is very grateful to the teachers for their hard working. The job of educating others is a sacred task. There are absolutely no shortcuts, but the impact may affect the rise and fall of the country. Therefore, the teachers have responsibilities. Students should thank to the teachers for their education and cultivation.