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2023 Book Donation Event of the Library and Information Services Center of AFIT

Publisher:管理者|date:2023/2/20 下午 04:26:00

We accept donations of used books to share your love of reading. You can also make orders from online bookstores and deliver the books to our location, allowing children in rural areas to receive your kindness.
Time schedule: February 13th to March 10th, 2023.
Requested books:
1. Children’s literature
2. Children’s picture books
3. Children’s English readers
4. Youth literature (natural science, literature, psychology, and inspiration)
Note: Please donate books in good condition, without damage, insect infestation, or mold.
How to donate:
1. Individuals: You can personally deliver books to our school library during the
2. Groups: Books can be collected and organized by the organization, either
through personal delivery or shipping.
Shipping address: 198, Jieshou West Road, Gangshan District, Kaohsiung City.