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Gratitude Activity forthe Women and Children's Day Held by AFIT
For glorifying maternal love, Major-General Chen, the Commandant of AFIT, headed to divisions in the company ofExecutive Director and Political Warfare Director for admiring female staves’toil being both important positions, nanny of the country and family, and stood for male staves to give presents in the afternoon April 2.
In the process of Gratitude Activity, Major-General Chen, on behalf of the male staves, presented hand lotionsto female staves. Hands of female are major power for breeding family and safeguarding the country, and the significance of presenting hand lotion is gratitude and care. He glorified maternal love while giving a speech, and hoped to show the most sincere esteem to toilsome mothers.The activity perfectly ended when Commandanttook picture all together with female staves.
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