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Fellowship Activities Held by the Cadet and Trainee Command
6th Squadron, 1st Cadet Group, AFIT had fellowship activities for career soldiers in weekend evenings. Trainees showed their talents of singing and playing guitar, and Electric Techno Neon God to the military to fully express that career soldiers recruiting is not only building military strength but also multicultural compromise.
6th Squadron, 1st Cadet Group, AFIT’s Chief Counselor, Staff Sergeant Chen, Chi-liang said, for promoting the relationship, bonding to each other well, and relieving learning stress, career soldiers registered just in April, he specifically used their spare time to handle groups and recreational activities with utter sincerity. Students earnestly planned the performances and brought the civil learned to the military, singing and playing guitar, Electric Techno Neon God, and telling jokes included, which imperceptibly promoted the relationship with each other. So that we realize career soldiers recruiting with longer service period makes the military accomplishments more specialized and skilled, bring multi-culture to the military, practices spirit of respect as well.
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