Latest News

2019.06.26NewsThe Air Force Institute of Technology’s General Instructor’s conference and knowledge study of the first half of 2019.
2019.06.18NewsCMSGT Liu, the Chief Sergeant Supervisor of Air force headquarter
2019.06.17News108-1 Class Graduation Ceremony of Reserve Non-commissioned Officer at Air Force Institute of Technology
2019.06.14NewsAir Force 108 Victory Cup Sports Competition--Basketball Championship
2019.06.12NewsAFIT held 2019 "The 9th Aviation Technology and Flight Safety & 7th Aviation and Society Seminar"
2019.06.07NewsThe Air Force Institute of Technology host the opening ceremony of rank conferring and on-the-job training of reserve officer selected from a non-commissioned officer of volunteer military service class
2019.06.06NewsAFIT Visited the Heads of Local Government for Promoting Military and Civilian Friendship
2019.05.20NewsThe entrance examination of the two-year Technical school at AFIT
2019.05.10NewsMother’s Day Celebration at Air Force Institute of Technology
2019.05.05NewsUtopia-2019 Air Force Institute of Technology Graduation Ball
2019.04.30NewsAir Force Institute of Technology second Quarter Counseling course
2019.04.29News2019 NCO college entrance examination
2019.04.20NewsAFIT held the flag presentation ceremony and pep talk to the contestants of NIAG
2019.03.16NewsThe activity of cartoon-style aircraft model DIY for parents and children
2019.03.13NewsCelebration of the AFIT 83rd Anniversary